On June 26, Bharti Airtel, a prominent telecom major, disclosed that Ajay Chitkara, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airtel Business, has tendered his resignation. Chitkara will continue to lead the company until the third week of August 2023. Following this development, Bharti Airtel outlined its plans to operate with three distinct business and channel segments.

According to a regulatory filing, the telco will be divided into the following segments:

  1. Global Business, led by Vani Venkatesh
  2. Domestic Business, led by Ganesh Lakshminarayanan
  3. Nxtra Data Centers, led by Ashish Arora

Growth Plans for Airtel Business

Gopal Vittal, the Managing Director and CEO of Bharti Airtel, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating closely with Vani, Ganesh, and Ashish to facilitate the growth of the business. Vittal also acknowledged Ajay’s significant contributions to the company during his 23-year tenure, highlighting his instrumental role in building Airtel Business into a formidable force. He extended his best wishes to Ajay for his future endeavours. Airtel Business is a renowned provider of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services, catering to enterprises, governments, carriers, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators), and small and medium businesses. In response to these developments, shares of Bharti Airtel closed 0.52 percent lower at Rs 851.80 apiece on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) on June 26.

Impact On The Stock Market

The resignation of Ajay Chitkara, the CEO of Airtel Business, and the subsequent restructuring of Bharti Airtel’s business segments can potentially impact the stock market in the following ways:

Short-term Volatility

The news of a key executive resigning and a restructuring announcement can lead to short-term volatility in the stock market. Investors and traders may react to the news by buying or selling Bharti Airtel’s shares, which could result in fluctuations in the stock price in the immediate term.

Investor Sentiment

Changes in leadership and business structure can influence investor sentiment. Some investors may view the resignation as a negative development, while others may see it as an opportunity for positive change. The overall sentiment among investors can impact the demand for Bharti Airtel’s stock and consequently affect its price.

Performance of New Leadership

The long-term implications for the stock market will depend on how the new leadership team performs in managing and growing Bharti Airtel’s business segments. Investors will closely monitor the performance of the global business, domestic business, and Nxtra Data Centers, as well as the strategic decisions made by the new leaders. Positive performance and effective execution of strategies can instill confidence in the market and potentially lead to an upward trend in the stock price.

Financial Results and Market Positioning

Investors will closely analyze Bharti Airtel’s financial results and market positioning in the post-restructuring period. The company’s ability to generate revenue, expand its customer base, and maintain or improve its competitive position will be key factors influencing investor confidence and the stock’s performance.

Industry and Competitive Landscape

The telecom industry is highly competitive, and any changes in the market dynamics can impact a company’s stock price. Investors will assess how Bharti Airtel’s restructuring positions it against its competitors and whether it enables the company to capture growth opportunities in the market. Shifts in the industry landscape or regulatory changes may also influence investor sentiment and affect the stock’s performance.


It’s important to note that the impact on the stock market is subject to various factors and market dynamics. Investors should carefully evaluate all relevant information, monitor future announcements, and consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

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